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We understand the challenges that event and catering professionals face in delivering memorable experiences to their customers. That’s why we’ve created a range of Ready to Drink cocktails, a turnkey solution to simplify your drinks service at your events and in your establishment.

With our expertise, you can offer your customers refined cocktails without the hassle of preparation, while ensuring a consistent taste experience. Get ready to revolutionise your drinks service with our Ready to Drink offer.


A SERVICE SOLUTION created in our lab

In our laboratory, we create unique taste experiences, creating original recipes with and for you, based on your brand’s DNA, or revisiting the great classics. From the meticulous selection of ingredients to the management of blending and bottling in our dedicated production area, each stage is orchestrated with artisanal know-how, ensuring consistent quality.

At Konoisseur, we’re much more than a supplier of ready-to-drink cocktails; we’re your privileged partner for a unique taste experience.

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practical, customisable and portable

The bottle format is the ideal solution for small-scale events, mini hotel bars and brand collaborations. Our small bottles are packed with big flavours, offering a refined taste experience you can take anywhere. Practical and stylish, our bottled cocktails are designed to suit every need, adding a touch of sophistication to every occasion.

The bottle is perfect for business gifts for your customers, partners and colleagues, with the option of personalising the label for an even more personal touch. Explore the perfect blend of convenience and quality, where every sip becomes an unforgettable experience, even in small quantities.


consistency, fluidity and speed of service

The perfect solution for large-scale events such as receptions, concert halls, festivals and much more. These kegs provide consistency, fluidity and speed of service, guaranteeing an exceptional cocktail experience for every guest.

Our keg solution embodies the perfect balance between quality and efficiency, ideal for those occasions when demand is high. Cocktails in kegs allow rapid distribution without compromising the freshness and delicacy of the flavours. Offering a practical and economical alternative, this option is also environmentally friendly, reducing the waste and transport associated with individual bottles.

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AIRMAIL COCKTAIL, the result of a collaboration between Konoisseur and the design agency MAISON LINEA, embodies our passion for encapsulating the essence of our business, bringing our expertise and the atmosphere of the bar directly into your home. Each recipe is a unique creation, immersing you in a sensory experience and a distinct universe. Our cocktails combine authentic design, unique flavours and a playlist accessible via QR code, offering total immersion at every tasting session.

At AIRMAIL COCKTAIL, quality is our watchword. Our exclusive recipes use ingredients chosen for their proximity, seasonality and purity, offering an authentic tasting experience, with no added colouring or preservatives, and environmentally-friendly preservation.

Committed to responsible consumption, we minimise our ecological impact by favouring local production, short supply chains and the use of recycled and recyclable materials. At AIRMAIL COCKTAIL, we invite you to discover unique creations, an ethical approach and exceptional quality, embodying the excellence of our know-how.

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