Summum Vodka

Summum is a French vodka set up in a distillery founded in 1814 in Cognac at the heart of the Spirits Valley ; It is distilled twice from French wheat from the Beauce region and pure spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue near Cognac.
The Summum Vodka Team asked us to work on several complementary projects ranging from a Drink Strategy to the creation of photographic content to boost their social media management. We also collaborated creating innovative and dynamic tools for the launch of the latest one in the Summum Vodka range:
Piment d’Espelette!


Based on the brand and its DNA analysis, the Drink Strategy crosses the viewpoints of spirits specialists  (mixology, communication, marketing) to create an innovative strategy based on drinking experience and product staging. We propose a creative and innovative cocktail offer, in total link with the brand to support the story telling towards consumers.

The drink strategy was built around the 3 savors of the vodka brand:
Classic, Lemon and Espelette Pepper. Konoisseur created a cocktail menu of 13 cocktails, among them 4 pure creations, including 1 perfect serve for each quality.
The website was updated adding a new cocktails section showcasing pack shots and recipes.

photo shoot

The photo shoot was set up around different scenes: cocktail shots, ambiance photographs, lifestyle shots on the beach and close-up shots.

Thepictures had to be the reflection of the brand positioning: French craft, South Ouest chill with a surf and sunny beach ambiance, accessible mixology easily reproducible at home…

We followed 3 different tracks for the shooting:
• Lifestyle shots along the beach with live cocktail making
• Perfect serve with the creation of different settings for each flavor
• Cocktail packshots to use in their communication tools and website

Social Media strategy

A real social media strategy with the recommendation of adapted social platforms, publication schedule proposition and of course the creation of visual and editorial content in link with the Summum brand universe.

On the side, we also provided the community management on the different social media platforms and set up advertising campaigns to start building a community and propose inspiring content on the brand.

launching support

Biarritz, unrivalled city in terms of South West spirit and relaxed attitude, was chosen as a perfect spot to set up the launch of Summum vodka Espelette Pepper. We also worked on the creation of communication tools:
cocktail cards, goodies, typical red Basque branded scarfs…

On the event itself, we steered the launch on the making of a video interview.
The concept was to capture the spontaneous reaction of people while tasting the product and get their first comments. While an acoustic music was played live in the background. Supported by a great cocktail service for the happy few.