Summer & Winter Blends

Konoisseur was requested to develop both Larsen Summer and Winter blend contrasted universes, adapted in the creation of the collection website.  The cocktail recipes for Summer and Winter plus the photo shooting of both ambiances and the cocktails have been conducted by Konoisseur.


Konoisseur directed the photo shooting of Larsen Summer & Winter blends and proposed series of photos capturing the two different kind of ambiences. The artistic direction was cleverly thought our to work on alternating shots, while respecting the range graphic universe and the cocktail recipes.

A light atmosphere for the Summer Blend, with light backgrounds reminding a beautiful summer day, and the presence of citrus highlighting the feeling of freshness.
In opposition, warm tones with a selection of raw and dark materials was chosen for the Winter Blend.

We imagined two scenographies inspired from the crafted mixology codes of the early 19th century, taken up by the Summer & Winter range targeting bartenders and cocktails lovers.

We also worked on the perfect setting for our photo shoot, with the sourcing and selection of the decoration materiel, a carefully selected glassware, the graphic design of the cocktails menus, created contrasted glimpses of light to ensure the momentum of the setting.

Finally, the preparation of the 8 cocktail was carried out by our bartender specialist to recreate the original recipes.


To take the project further, Konoisseur also developed the mini website of the Summer & Winter Blends collection. It unfolds in a dyptical composition, with a vintage line art treatment that reminds the old Larsen bottles and cocktail universe, where both ambiences perfectly complement each other.

The website includes the story behind this new range of spirits dedicated to bartenders and cocktails, but also the history of its creator, Jens Reidar Larsen. The 8 cocktail recipes, the products description in details and their own universe.