Maxime Trijol

The family House Trijol has cultivated excellence for 6 generations controlling all the steps of the supply chain in the production of their cognacs since 1859: vine-growing, distillation, aging and bottling. Today they add the cocktail culture with a selection dedicated to every consumer typology to discover the range of products by the House of Trijol in a different way.


The Trijol Family has contacted Konoisseur to work on their drink strategy. The idea was top work on every cocktail and service rituel playing on the age of the different by comparing it to a member of the family.

We thought of different angles embedding the family roots and values while highlighting a unique personality trait specific to any of them. In the end, 7 recipes were declined on the different products signed by the brand (Cognac, Pineau, Triple sec, Rum)

cocktail shoot

The cocktail recipes were then shot with the same intentions. A dark ambiance bias highlighting the cocktail beautiful colors and the glass transparency, the plays of lights and contrasts.

A dark cellar scene was recreated with interplays of materials, whether raw wood or concrete, but also glass, metal, liquids, and ice, constructing with fresh fruits and flowers to sublimate the cocktails.