Art of Italicus

Renaissance Spirits, a high end spirits distributor, solicited Konoisseur on behalf of its customer Italicus – Rosolio Di Bergamotto, to support them with expert advice for the implementation of the first bartenders competition “The Art Of Italicus” France. Italicus encapsulates excellence and the uniqueness of all great Italian arts, traditionally mixing Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian citrons and various Italian botanicals, resulting in a flavor that is floral, fragrant and completely one-off!

bartenders competition

Konoisseur supported the Renaissance Spirits Team to design and create the first competition for the famous Italian brand  Italicus – Rosolio di Bergamotto, fully dedicated to bartenders. The global concept is based on a cocktail creation in link with art. The challenge was to reflect Italien art and design by creating an artistic cocktail creation.

After local competitions on fifteen or so markers, 10 finalists competed in Milan at the European final for the title of “Bar Artist of the Year” at the Aperitivo Challenge 2018. With far-reaching inspiration behind their drink, competitors showed their creativity with recipes telling a meaningful story and expert cocktail settings.

digital strategy

Konoisseur developed the digital part of the contest through the design of a dedicated website focused on the subscription and the on-line management of the competitors profiles.

In addition, to complete the digital visibility, the French version of the competition Art of Italicus built on a social media strategy with the selection of the proper platforms, the creation of a community and content design.