On the occasion of Chinese New Year, Hennessy called Konoisseur to set up one of the four specific activities proposed to their guests in the large boutique, to celebrate the Year of the Boar throughout February. The opportunity to remind everyone the link between the brand and China since 1872, and build a partnership with a young Chinese artist – Guangyu Zhan – that developed the label of a limited edition of Hennessy VSOP.


Quite naturally, the Team was in charge of the cocktail activity offering the guests a workshop to make a Sazerac cocktail twisted with Oolong tea. Every guest could celebrate the New Year in an original way, under the gracious gaze of the Boar. A symbol of courage in ancient times, the Boar today is believed to augur a time of generosity, new energy and prosperity.

Guests were very pleased to be able to make their own cocktail with great mixologist equipment and the advices of a professional that counted them the Sazerac history. In the end a very aromatic cocktail, softened and flavored with the jasmine notes of the Oolong Tea. A delightful discovery!