Domec Packaging

The Domec Packaging Company shared with us the wish they had to offer an original year-end gift to their customers, with the intention to highlight the features of their products and savoir-faire.
We loved the challenge and collaborated on this idea to propose a cocktail on a high scale, ready to be bottle into one of their standard, specifically decorated to showcase their expertise in terms of bottle and decanter decoration (labelling, gold or platinum silkscreen printing, lacquering, satining, sandblasting…).


Hence we created a cocktail on the theme of Christmas, with gourmand and spicy notes, that would be made on a large-scale level with a 100 bottles edition (700ML) and with the constraint of a long-life product. With a rum base aged in cognac barrels, sauvignon blanc, honey, orange blossom water, cinnamon, cardamom, caraway, cloves… a sweet fragrance was in the air as we approached the holiday season…

It is a project we are very proud of and which recipe seems to have delighted their customers as the request was repeated again!