Comité du Pineau

The Comite du Pineau that proudly defends the values of the protected AOC Pineau des Charentes, asked Konoisseur to boost its visibility and awareness through new service rituals, with the collaboration of the agency Parlons de Vous and proposed in some twenty bars and restaurants of the Atlantic Coast.
We also supported the “Pineau Thursdays” during all the year end with specific recipes created for the occasion.

Service ritual

2 summer seasons in a raw, we elaborated rituals that would enable people to discover Pineau with a new point of view.
In 2017, we opted for a single cocktail, the Lady Bee, that people would twist their own way with a choice of citrus and ingredients, for a tailor-made recipe at their table. To be active in making their own cocktail would help develop a sense of “ownership” for an easy duplication at home.

In 2018, in link with the new campaign « Ice cubes, you will melt! » Konoisseur proposed an animation around the ice itself. For each glass of Pineau proposed by the waiter, the Konoisseur Team would delicately carve ice blocks to turn them into beautiful shapes (diamonds, balls…) right before the astonished gazes of the customers.
A real success to help project the Pineau des Charentes’ image.