The BNIC (Cognac Bureau) requested our expertise to create their new cocktails picture library to inspire Cognac Houses on recipes that work perfectly well with cognac, insert into the BNIC communication tools and ensure the cognac promotion through the cocktails. Altogether, it is 11 cocktails declined in 40 photos ranging from cocktail preparation to finalized cocktails shots.
A great project on which Konoisseur gathered various expertises:
Cocktail recipes, cocktail making, artistic direction, scenography and photography.


Konoisseur offered its expertise in cocktail creation with various recipes according to the season and audience on the events. We always work on a cocktail but also on the service and presentation which is as much important for us.

The more appealing it is, the better the experience while tasting it. As an example we created the Summer Punch displayed in the BNIC communication and promotion tools.


Konoisseur produced the photo shoot of a series of cocktails with close-up shots or broader mixology scenes. The artistic direction was thought in order to create a real bar ambiance highlighting the specific bar tools and bartender work.

We imagined the photo shoot directions, with the location search, a selection of bar tools and decoration,  adapted glassware, and amazing play of lights with the ice or the back bar to ensure a great setting.


The BNIC regularly calls upon our expertise to perfectly mix and serve cocktails for a very large audience and for their VIP events: Blues Passions, Fête du cognac, and their very coveted La Part des Anges party. The inter branch organization also calls upon Konoisseur for the cognac promotion in France on spirit oriented fairs or bar shows, such as Cocktails spirit in Paris.

A great showcase for us to demonstrate how much we are able to handle this type of events and think of every detail for a perfect moment. Our customized Cognac branded Vespacar often creates a major attraction on the events, being at the same time vintage and offbeat! In any case, it do not go unnoticed.