Bartender Talent Academy

Remy Martin wanted to develop an innovative program for bartenders from all over the world that would be fun, educational with an unconventional competition. The idea was to bring their personal talents and passions at the heart of it.

Konoisseur developed the concept of the competition itself with the different steps, the various scenographies on the different sites, the cocktails with pairing and rituals, and support the brand on managing all the logistics (glassware, cocktail ingredients, equipment, set up-dismantling) over the 2-day event.


Konoisseur conceived and developed, in collaboration with the Rémy Martin Teams, the whole concept of Bartender Talent Academy that tales place twice a year at the heart of the French Spirit Valley.
We have created a competition in line with the brand DNA, with 3 different key steps. Every step of the programme, the juries shortlist, the rating scales and the final selection of winners was thought in a way to best highlight the participants’ talents.

Beyond the competition itself, it is first and foremost an immersive experience into the Rémy Martin univers and the discovery of a spirit, an exceptional area and a traditional savoir-faire. We naturally support the Rémy Martin Team in the full completion of the event in Cognac.


We developed the competition down to the slightest details, among them scenographies on 5 sites all linked to the differents places visited and the Rémy Martin brand world, gifts to participants, and the cocktail creation with pairing and rituals.
Looking for the appropriate material and ensuring the proper setting on every site is also part of our missions.

The agency knows how to surround itself with a highly competent technical support to carry out all the logistical work, meaning the installation, setup, dismantling on the different sites, plus storage.


To fully support the brand on this great project, we were commissioned to develop the Bartender Talent Academy dedicated website, where every bartender registers with a personal ID and uploads all information relative to the competition and the 2 days in Cognac.
The website also offers the possibility to browse previous sessions of the programme and find bartenders’ profiles and pictures, and the cocktails recipes they entered into the competition.

Konoisseur also works at upgrading every cession to keep the initial momentum and offer a great mix of ideas to the competitors. Such as keeping a lively interaction between the bartenders with an interactive map gathering all the bartenders who entered the competition since the programme launch. Already available on the website.